MaiOwn! Hair Just Opened!

MaiOwn! - Zia

Ohai <3, I know I’ve been seriously lacking in my blogging but I’ve been so busy working on something big *cough* *cough*. But! I wanted to take some time away just to let you guys know about a new hair store on the grid. Its called MaiOwn! and it is owned by one of my best friends Emma Pearl :D. the picture above is the first hair she released and its called Zia, It’s rigged mesh and comes in 5 different colour packs aswell as a fat pack. 5 tones per pack *6 in the blacks* and over all it’s absolutely Lovely!.


This is of Liv which same as above with the colour packs Can’t wait to see what else you create emma <3. xoxo

more information about it and MaiOwn! are on her bloggies here:

| credits #1 |   
Hair | Zia – Brown 03 by MaiOwn! {Emmanuel Pearl } NEW!
Skin | Lucy – Clean ( e ) > Jamaica < by  Glam Affair  { Aida Ewing } >
Teeth | OpenMouth PRO TEETH v1.3 by [PXL] hart larsson }

| credits #2 |
Hair | Liv – Brown 02 by MaiOwn! {Emmanuel Pearl } NEW!
Skin | Gemma >Europa<  by  Glam Affair  { Aida Ewing } > {past arcade}


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