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Ohai!,  so I’m way backed up on this piece of beauty right here and I’m only going to getting around to expressing how I feel about this and finally blogging it. So as we all know the basic avatar has like a gazillion flaws, but over the past year we’ve been getting little fixes like the amazing Slink hands and feet by Siddean Munro, the lola breasts by  Jacqueline Hotshot, my all time favorite and always worn mesh ears by Kikunosuke Eel, but now we’re getting facial replacements, more specifically lips! , so may I present to you “.LOUDMOUTH.” mesh lips created by the incredibly talented Brias Stardust.The lips themselves are so simple to fit and they blend seamlessly when you buy the applier for your skin.

So you’re probably asking what does the Alli mouth come with?
– Well the mouth comes boxed with the mouth itself, a designer pack for creators as well as the normal teeth and a step by step guide to how to optimize your loudmouth so that it fits your shape perfectly, as well as the normal teeth there are several different teeth options which are pictured below.

Some of the teeth options.

Some of the teeth options.

These teeth are Compatable with both the Alli open mouth and the Brandee open mouth, and retail for 190L per tooth,also several creators are currently creating mouth appliers which are compatible with BOTH Ali and Brandee, for a list of creators who have created appliers there’s a sign inworld at the following location [ .LOUDMOUTH. Mainstore ] as well as demos available so check be sure to demo it and check if your skin has appliers for it.

The skin I am wearing is called Alli from yumyum’s created by Iokko.Molko, it comes with the following three brow options Light brow, dark brow and no brow. it also comes in seven tones with and without cleavage options. the skin itself is very youthful and have very minimal makeup as well as an adorable light blush cheek which helps to bring out a innocent and cute look. It also comes with the loudmouth applier hud which the button alone is adorable, Also available for the Ali skin is a “All in one applier hud” which is shown

below which has all the applier huds [ hands / feet / phat azz / Tangos ] all in one easy hud attachment.Which honestly I wish more stores would do as its so much more convenient than searching through my messy inventory to find my individual ones. Alli is available inworld and has a demo available so be sue to check it out =].

Applier hud & Loud mouth hud

Applier HUD & Loud mouth HUD

| Credits |


Skin | {5} Alli {DB} by .{yy}. { Iokko.Molko }
Hair | Candy browns 01 fade by TRUTH HAIR { truth.Hawks }
Mouth | Alli by .LOUD MOUTH. { Brias Stardust }
Teeth | Normal teeth by .LOUD MOUTH. { Brias Stardust }


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