#005: New @ Glam Affair!


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Ohai  there :}, Starting off I just need to get this out.. I EFFING LOVE THIS SKIN SO MUCH ASDFGHJKL!!!. Okay.. now that thats out I can carry on explaining about the skins. I’ve been a fan of glam affair for a very long time and i’ve alwaysloved to change between their skin lines.. that was until Cleo was released several months ago. I fell in love with everything in the package including the Porse layer and the nose options.. it just felt like i could add my own customizations to the skin and make myself look *SOMEWHAT* unique >With the help of my Moles, lashes and think top liner< and the same goes for the Angelica skin now. It’s very seldom i find something and stick to it for long periods of time and I’m not even kidding i’ve had to peel this skin off myself just so i could try on the other skin packs that I was sent.

So You’re probably asking what’s Inside the pack?

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Well The skin itself comes with Eight brow options which are shown in the “Add ons” image below. For the first time there’s been a “brow-less” option which I REALLY wanted because of the shops releasing single eyebrow layers which work with almost every single skin > ME GUSTA<. The skin also comes with 3 Lip options and one super glossy lipgloss > also pictured below < and it wouldn’t be a super amazing skin pack without the nose options which there are three,Also this is a FULL release which means there’s 12 makeup options to chose from as the usual Artic, Europa, America, Jamaica, India and of course Africa.

Just to finish this post up I really want to express how much I love this skin, and I really do think you should go and demo it and see it for yourself :3.

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Hair | Zendaya – demi by >TRUTH< { Truth Hawks }
Skin | Angelica – 07 ( C ) > America < by  Glam Affair  { Aida Ewing } > NEW
Apron | Apron full perm Kit – by { Meli Imako }
Shirt | Half Tucked Tee – by  -Tres Blah- { Julliette Westerburg }
Mixing Bowl |  Laurel Cottage Kitchen Mixing Bowl by {what next} Winter Thorn }

BODY: Light Brunette

Hair | Blue Velvet  by !Lamb { Lamb Bellic }
Skin |  Angelica 05 ( D) > Jamacia < by  Glam Affair  { Aida Ewing } > NEW
Apron |  Apron full perm Kit – by MELI IMAKO { Meli Imako }
Shirt |  Half Tucked Tee – by  -Tres Blah- { Julliette Westerburg }
Baking Tray | Baking Tray Unbaked Floured Rolls by Culprit  { lord humphrey }

BODY: Dark Brunette

Hair | Interrupt – Brown 04 by  [elikatira]  – { elikapeka tiramisu }
Skin | Angelica CLEAN ( H) > India < by  Glam Affair  { Aida Ewing } > NEW
Teeth | OpenMouth PRO TEETH v1.3 by [PXL] hart larsson }
Apron | Apron full perm Kit – by MELI IMAKO { Meli Imako }
Shirt | Half Tucked Tee – by  -Tres Blah { Julliette Westerburg }
Hair Band |  Studded Kitty Headband by Action { marilynmonroe munro }
Glasses |  Baroque Frame Glasses Basic by Glam Affair { amberly boccaccio } Scale |  Baking Scale by Culprit  { lord humphrey }


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